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Performance Program


Mini Stars: 



 Level 1




This program is a cross between the recreational program and the Performance Program. Dancers that demonstrate a natural sense of rhythm,grace,technical abilities and potential are placed in the program to train in a more professional classroom environment. The Main focus is Ballet basics,basic training in Jazz and Tap. Students studyabout 2 1/2 hours a week.

 Level 2


Dancers that excell technically with passion, dedication and desire pursue serious dance training are selected through audition class evaluations. Intensive ballet along with jazz and tap classes provide a solid foundation for these young dancers. Students study 3-4 days per week. 1-3 hours each day


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Level 3/4
Ages 13 and over - 6-8 hours weekly

Students considering dance at the college and professional level are exposed to the technical and performance training required by today's leading colleges, choreographers and companies. Students in the program develop the versatility to perform a range of work and learn the practice and principles needed for success as a dance artist.8-12 hours weekly. Ages may vary